What do I wear for my senior portraits? - BTAK Photography
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What do I wear for my senior portraits?

You do you!

Choosing an outfit for any occasion can be tough! Senior portraits can be a real challenge to dress for because this time the spotlights on you! Most important, relax and enjoy this moment in your life! Don’t feel like you necessarily need to “dress up” for all your portraits.

High school senior portraits need to capture YOUR style and YOUR personality. The best images are captured when you wear clothing that you are comfortable in. We usually ask our seniors to make 80% of their outfits what they love to wear and the other 20% more formal.

We recommend trying to keep things simple by picking solid or semi-solid colors and coordinating your wardrobe as much as possible. Long sleeves almost always look best in portraits. It’s always best to let mom choose a couple of outfits she likes to see you wear. This way everyone will have a look that they like.

Try to avoid busy patterns, bright colors, or logos and consider bringing along several different clothing changes and we can help select some that will photograph well. Also, be sure that your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles. Note: don’t let our clothing suggestions keep you from bringing a favorite shirt or outfit. If you like it we’ll work it into your session!

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